About Us

Transil Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been Incubated at Deshpande Startups & KLE-CTIE and is a Software Product Development Company working on innovative and impactful products that address the critical needs of the industry in Education Space with our product CareerWays.

Our mission

Our mission is to enable people for success by not only connecting the right people to the right careers but also helping them get there.

CareerWays is the first of its kind data ecosystem of technology products, that leverages technology for academic and professional navigation of students, young professionals in a way acting as a virtual mentor.

At CareerWays we believe that the root cause of the decline in productivity, disengagement with courses/jobs & institutions/organizations, sub-optimal academic and/or professional performance, is a result of Lack of clarity, expectations disconnection vis-a-vis ground reality while choosing areas, methods, roles, and institutions of study and/or work.

Suboptimal training, mentoring, goal planning and resource allocation for study/work Inability to qualify or quantify one's academic or professional progression.

CareerWays is building automated products free of bias & analytical limitations, to track, navigate, mentor, recommend & course correct students & professionals at various stages of academia and profession, sharing the most comprehensive and perennially expanding data ecosystem.